The 360 Athlete Vision

Our vision is to assist any keen and enthusiastic athlete to reach their target and goals. We aim to work closely with our athletes and design programmes that will excel them to the next level. Through high quality training, communication and customer care, 360 Athlete will progress you into a more efficient and effective athlete for your chosen sport.

Total Athlete Support

360 Athlete aims to provide all the support and care you need to achieve your goals. Our expert trainers can be located at 360 Fitness on Kepa Road, Mission Bay. Here you can be assisted with training and nutritional advice from our trainers. You can also contact us at at anytime.

Specific to your sport

360 Athlete specialises in providing athlete centred training to gain the athleticism needed to function efficiently and effectively in your chosen sport.

Specific to you

We understand that to gain the edge and be the best athlete you can be, your training needs to be the best it can be. At 360 Athlete we pride ourselves on individualistic training where the focus is primarily based on the movements and patterns found in your sport.

Our Team, Who Are We?

360 Athlete was founded by gym owner, strength & conditioning coach and footballer Brent Mayhew. Growing up in the New Zealand football system Brent recognised a distinct lack of athlete development here in New Zealand and decided to bring his passion for football into his growing fitness business by launching 360 Athlete. Brent is joined by 360 Athlete GM Michael Mayne, Michael’s experience as both an athlete and coach is pivotal to 360 Athlete. He brings knowledge and experience as a top level domestic footballer, as well as semi pro and age group international, so he knows what it is like to be a developing athlete. Matched with that experience, he also brings a large coaching background. He has coached the Auckland City Youth Team, is the Director of Football at Waitemata FC and is the current NZ U20 YFF Assistant coach preparing for a Fifa World Cup in November 2016.

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